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Ignorant Sligo County Councillor inducted into the Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame – Sligo Co Councillor Gino O’Boyle

Gino O’Boyle’s motion was accepted at the May 2023 meeting of Sligo Co Council that called on the ‘international pharmaceutical company GSK to pay for medical experiments conducted without consent in Mother and Baby Homes’. No medical experiments were carried out at mother and baby homes. There is a big difference between a clinical trial…

The lies of Catherine Corless and others in the Irish mother and baby homes scandals

The Lies of Catherine Corless & Others – Part IV

Acadumbics: The Irish university system has some brilliant historians, but none of them have been brave enough to challenge the idiotic output of their colleagues and the country’s many fantasists. For this reason, Irish academia bears full responsibility for this twenty-first century witch-craze. The outputs of Dr Niall Meehan of Griffith College, Dr Sarah-Anne Buckley…

Video: The Lies of Catherine Corless and others

The Lies of Catherine Corless and Others – Part III

Medical Nescience – Catherine Corless has a level of knowledge of vintage medicine that is far less than zero. Journalist, Alison O’Reilly, has a similar level of knowledge, but that does not stop either of them believing themselves to be medical experts. They have fabricated the Irish mother and baby homes scandal by creating falsehoods…

Part II - The lies surrounding the Tuam Mother and Baby home. Catherine Corless and others.

The Lies of Catherine Corless & others – Part II

Anna Corrigan has no competent medical knowledge and has fabricated a story about the Tuam Children’s home. Former advisor to Dick Spring, and former CEO or Barnardo’s children’s charity, Fergus Finlay falsely claims that nuns got rich from starving children. Ignorance is the oxygen of the Irish mother and baby homes scandals.

Jennifer Zamparelli self loathing leprechaun.

Jennifer Zamparelli – Irish Self-Loathing

Jennifer Zamparelli has made it her mission to broadcast the flatulence of Irish self-loathing from the basement of the RTÉ radio centre on each weekday morning. 2FM is a popular music station with a previous reputation for good music combined with frivolity. Currently such frivolity is provided by Doireann, Donncha and Carl in the early…

RTE effrontery

Air Crash – More toxic Revisionism from RTÉ

Brains are not only in very short supply at the state broadcaster, it is highly doubtful that they have even two brain cells to rub together between them all. Last night, it aired a documentary on the subject of the crash of on Aer Lingus airliner in 1968, and the mystery that still surrounds its…

Abuse of Amnesty International

The Abuse of Reason

The abuse of Amnesty International in the wake of its report examining the misbehaviour of the Ukrainian military, exposes the ineptitude of the western media to report about war with honestly. Students of military history and history in general are taught to be sceptical of claims and accusations made by all sides of belligerent divide…

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