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It has been called a holocaust, a mass murder of babies, with fantastical tales of abuse that have been imagined
Soon after the Tuam story went global in 2014, University College Dublin's Professor of Modern History, Diarmaid Ferriter, wrote ‘the
The chief lie upon which the mother and baby scandal relies upon is the claim that babies were starved to
Almost every photo taken of the memorial garden where some children from the Tuam Children's Home are buried show a
The home at Tuam was never called a Mother and Baby Home. Its official name was St. Mary's Children's Home
Would you consider your local cemetery to be a mass grave, perhaps an old burial ground with no headstones or
‘This erroneous assertion that 800 bodies were dumped in a septic tank. That is not true’. Prof Diarmaid Ferriter -
Little mistakes that go unchallenged are one of the primary contributors to false history. Here is one which is not
Una Mullally writing for the Irish Times asks "Out of 697 Dublin mayors, why have only eight been women?" Una
America's most popular science writer was a lousy historian! Carl Sagan (1934-1996) was a revered and immensely popular public figure
Poor quality thinking is much in evidence these days, especially in the media, both traditional and non-traditional. One recent exemplar
Coronavirus: Pictures emerge of temporary mass graves in New York as US Covid-19 death toll surpasses 16,500 (Irish independent April
Debunking a claimed Historical Debunking - Slave myth Part 1 Recently a post on Irish History's Facebook page carried out
In recent years, the Irish nation has been at war with its own history, due mainly to the inevitable pendulum
This documentary financed by the Canadian government provides a good overview of the outcomes due to our cognitive biases combined
Historians Silence on False History The Tuam Children’s Home or to give it its full title, St. Mary’s Home, Tuam
The loonie fringe of Irish Feminism Róisín Ingle went off half-cocked recently in her article published in the Irish Times
All is set to go for Sunday's  history seminar with particular reference to the Tuam Children’s Home. The event is
The Commission of investigation set up to investigate the claims surrounding mother and baby homes has moved to cover-up all
Professor Chris Fitzpatrick’s article in the Irish Times published 13th October 2020 is chiefly remarkable, not so much for its
Most sexual abuse of females is heterosexual in nature. Does that mean that there is a link between heterosexuality and
Who was killing the illegitimate children of Ireland, the women running protestant and catholic mother and baby homes or the
Infants in 21st century England, who are born to unmarried mothers, are 30% more likely to die than those born
Politicians out to fool the people jumped at the chance to fabricate notions of murderous women, both protestant and catholic
Despite newspaper reports that Ireland was once a ‘deeply misogynistic’ society, the word makes only one appearance in the commission’s
Fergus Finlay tells his readers to believe him on the sole basis that he ‘knows what he is talking about’.
Michael McDowell assumed his role as the Joseph Goebbels of anti-Catholic Ireland. The country’s biggest eejit had to apologise for
Once upon a time in a land of little people, officials were employed by the country’s health services to create
Sinn Féin has suddenly dropped its false claims of deliberate starvation of children and women at Ireland's Mother and Baby
During the second decade of the twenty-first century, under the rule of the Taoiseach/Prime minister Micheál Martin, children born to
IT IS THE YOUNG WHO BELIEVE US This headline was probably the most significant comment made during a Zoom presentation
The Irish Attack on Christianity – The Case for the Defence The mother and baby homes scandal is but one
More bloat has been added to the already distended corpus of Irish literature dedicated to Irish self-loathing. It is a
Isn't it amazing how Blindboy, who celebrates or at least draws attention to Limerick’s reputation for criminality, gets miffed when
Dear Mr Salvioli, When miscarriages of justice occurred in Ireland, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties was strangely silent. Contrast
Unlike the Rubberbandits, the ancient Greeks has brains and put them to use trying to figure out the world and
The gross hypocrisy of An Taoiseach Micheál Martin might not be immediately discernible from his the quote below, spoken at
In the same week when medics expressed concern about the high consumption of cannabis and its negative health effects on
The Irish nation is particularly prone to believing in historical myths. Falsehoods appear with such frequency in the country’s media
When welcoming the report, it was obvious that Kathleen Funchion had not read it... Speaking in the Dáil  Éireann debate
Dear Taoiseach, when appointing an independent ‘expert’ or new commission of investigation, it is imperative that ‘experts’ and members of
Florence Nightingale wanted to learn her nursing craft from the best nurses in the world, the nuns at St Vincent’s
The Post-Truth Era hit Ireland earlier than most other nations. Women’s studies at the universities provided a fertile breeding ground
Many academics were made to look foolish because the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby
The commission of investigation into mother and baby homes named the following people for conducting vaccine trials on children without
During the recent floods in Germany during the summer of 2021, many people on social media — even those with
A violation of law is one thing but accusing people of violating laws which don’t exist or did not exist
Numpties beware! A rhetorical technique in use. (see below) Recent research conducted by the investigative historian Eugene Jordan during 2020
Article No 2 in the series of a commentary on Alternative Mother and Baby Homes Report, authored by 21 Irish
False history has the same fingerprint worldwide. Mila Oiva Mila Oiva, as a Senior Research Fellow at CUDAN Open Lab