Mother and Baby Home Historical Falsehoods

Falsehoods 1
Irelands health serviceput false information into the public domain.
Once upon a time in a land of little people, officials were employed by the country’s health services to create
Michael McDowell - Ireland’s Biggest Eejit launches a Scurrilous Attack
Michael McDowell assumed his role as the Joseph Goebbels of anti-Catholic Ireland. The country’s biggest eejit had to apologise for
Fergus Finlay's secterian attack on the catholic church.
Fergus Finlay tells his readers to believe him on the sole basis that he ‘knows what he is talking about’.
False charges of misogyny against the Irish nation
Despite newspaper reports that Ireland was once a ‘deeply misogynistic’ society, the word makes only one appearance in the commission’s
Ireland's gullible politicians falling for lies
Politicians out to fool the people jumped at the chance to fabricate notions of murderous women, both protestant and catholic
HIgh infant mortality statistics are not indicators of abuse or murder
Infants in 21st century England, who are born to unmarried mothers, are 30% more likely to die than those born
Baby Killers Infanticide in Ireland
Who was killing the illegitimate children of Ireland, the women running protestant and catholic mother and baby homes or the
homosexual abuse and cancel culture
Most sexual abuse of females is heterosexual in nature. Does that mean that there is a link between heterosexuality and
Irish university professor sent to the dunce's corner. Pseudohistory.
Professor Chris Fitzpatrick’s article in the Irish Times published 13th October 2020 is chiefly remarkable, not so much for its
Historians prevented from checking if commission has made honest, erudite and evidence based decisions
The Commission of investigation set up to investigate the claims surrounding mother and baby homes has moved to cover-up all