Mother and Baby Home Historical Falsehoods

Damien O'Reilly - A fool rushes in...
Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt Damien O'Reilly, broadcaster and
Leo Varadkar & His Verifiable Lies
Leo’s Varadkar’s apology following the publication of the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes
Commission of investigation broke the law
Yet another carbuncle has been added to the corpus of Ireland’s mother and baby homes saga. In a recent judgement,
Cost of mother and baby homes compensation scheme will exceed €1bn
Irish taxpayers are being forced to pay massive a compensation bill — costing each worker an average of €355 —
The big mistakes of Catherine Corless
Catherine Corless has put into the public domain the records of children who died at the Tuam Children’s Home but
Tuam Babies were not murdered
Below are the names of the infants and children along with the cause of their death copied from their death
Ted Talk on false memories and the negative influence on our lives, justice system and politics
Dr Julia Shaw says false memories of our past can threaten our future. As false memories can be intentionally or
False history has the same fingerprint worldwide. Mila Oiva Mila Oiva, as a Senior Research Fellow at CUDAN Open Lab
Irish lawyers are not taught that exaggeration damages credibility
Article No 2 in the series of a commentary on Alternative Mother and Baby Homes Report, authored by 21 Irish
The complete idiot's guide to medical statistics
Recent research conducted by the investigative historian Eugene Jordan during 2020 has found that infant mortality rates at the old