Mother and Baby Home Historical Falsehoods

John Gibbons of the Irish Examiner, climate alarmist and childish name caller
Climate change activism often involves individuals with a simplistic view of the world and a limited grasp of scientific principles.
Web Summit’s CEO Paddy Cosgrave fall from his pedestal
The fall of the Web Summit’s CEO Paddy Cosgrave was entirely his own fault. For some time, previous, Paddy had
Jank, forum poster - a total fool who cannot distinguish between satire and reportage!
Some people make a rock look like a genius but wear the armour of anonymity to avoid exceeding their quota
John McGuirk on the useless graduate, the cause of Ireland's problems
John McGuirk, speaking at the recent Ireland Uncensored event, blamed Ireland’s growing governmental nannyism and numptyism on the ‘useless graduate’.
Lucy Lethby. Why she murdered babies and the fake news usrrounding the story.
BBC news bulletins of the 18th of August 2023 named nurse Lucy Letby as “the UK's most prolific child serial
Keith Duggan - Irish Times Desperate to Keep Tuam Facts Hidden
Sportswriter repeats the same old claptrap and innuendo about Tuam. The Irish Times claims to be the best and most
Ignorant Sligo County Councillor inducted into the Hall of Shame
Gino O’Boyle’s motion was accepted at the May 2023 meeting of Sligo Co Council that called on the ‘international pharmaceutical
The lies of Catherine Corless and others in the Irish mother and baby homes scandals
Acadumbics: The Irish university system has some brilliant historians, but none of them have been brave enough to challenge the
Video: The Lies of Catherine Corless and others
Medical Nescience - Catherine Corless has a level of knowledge of vintage medicine that is far less than zero. Journalist,
Part II - The lies surrounding the Tuam Mother and Baby home. Catherine Corless and others.
Anna Corrigan has no competent medical knowledge and has fabricated a story about the Tuam Children's home. Former advisor to