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Debunked – false history and fake news.

The post-truth affliction at NUI, Galway and other Irish universities

Post-Truth Era Afflicts Irish Universities

The Post-Truth Era hit Ireland earlier than most other nations. Women’s studies at the universities provided a fertile breeding ground for false histories. In no time, the notion of the ‘misogynistic nation’ took hold and grew into a full-blown conspiracy theory. One article in particular from NUI, Galway published in 2016, provides us with the…

Bean na hÉireann - women of Ireland

Top 5 Falsehoods of Irish History which Everyone Believes are Facts

The Irish nation is particularly prone to believing in historical myths. Falsehoods appear with such frequency in the country’s media and are never subjected to critical analysis that the stand as evidence of the nation’s cultural biases. Historical fallacies are mainly a product of political interference in the education curriculum, where important evidence has been…

Myth of Ireland imprisoning unmarried mothers exposed

The Imprisoned Mothers Myth – Does Truth Matter?

Sinn Féin has suddenly dropped its false claims of deliberate starvation of children and women at Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes but insist that women were imprisoned at such institutions. The notion enjoys the support of at least one feminist historian who puts it more academically, Ireland built ‘a brutal carceral state’ to contain ‘unmarried…

False History - there were no Irish slaves

The War on Irish history – Irish Slavery

In recent years, the Irish nation has been at war with its own history, due mainly to the inevitable pendulum swing away from post-independence nationalism, back towards colonial perspectives, and a plethora of Irish cultural biases. One of the exemplar battles fought in this war was/is the issue of Irish slavery. It has long been…

Anti Irish Racism - White Ni**ers

The Slave Debunker Debunked!

Debunking a claimed Historical Debunking – Slave myth Part 1 Recently a post on Irish History’s Facebook page carried out a learning exercise to gauge readers reactions to 1. historical anti-Irish racism and 2. as the rider at the end of the article states, what about the claim that the Irish were not slaves. The…

Carl Sagan Mythmaker high priest of atheism

Carl Sagan – Mythmaker & the Priests of Science

America’s most popular science writer was a lousy historian! Carl Sagan (1934-1996) was a revered and immensely popular public figure around the time of the Space Race. He was a gifted communicator whose mass appeal arose from his style, skill and ability to bring his audience on a journey of the imagination, regaining their childhood…

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