Mother and Baby Home Historical Falsehoods

Baby Killers Infanticide in Ireland
Who was killing the illegitimate children of Ireland, the women running protestant and catholic mother and baby homes or the
homsexual abuse and cancel culture
Most sexual abuse of females is heterosexual in nature. Does that mean that there is a link between heterosexuality and
sanctimonious university professor and irish pseudohistory
Professor Chris Fitzpatrick’s article in the Irish Times published 13th October 2020 is chiefly remarkable, not so much for its
mother and baby homes hides its evidence
The Commission of investigation set up to investigate the claims surrounding mother and baby homes has moved to cover-up all
Irish Mother and Baby Home Scandal History Conference
All is set to go for Sunday's  history seminar with particular reference to the Tuam Children’s Home. The event is
Mad Irish Feminists in the age of unreason
The loonie fringe of Irish Feminism Róisín Ingle went off half-cocked recently in her article published in the Irish Times
When dissenting voices are kept silent by abuse and thuggery, alarm bells roar loudly
Historians Silence on False History The Tuam Children’s Home or to give it its full title, St. Mary’s Home, Tuam
The democracy of the guillible - Cognitive bias and its role in beleif in conspiricy theories.
This documentary financed by the Canadian government provides a good overview of the outcomes due to our cognitive biases combined
False History - there were no Irish slaves
In recent years, the Irish nation has been at war with its own history, due mainly to the inevitable pendulum
Anti Irish Racism - White Ni**ers
Debunking a claimed Historical Debunking - Slave myth Part 1 Recently a post on Irish History's Facebook page carried out