Mother and Baby Home Historical Falsehoods

Great Women - The Irish Sisters of Charity
Florence Nightingale wanted to learn her nursing craft from the best nurses in the world, the nuns at St Vincent’s
Letter to An Taoiseach the merry go round of investigations
Dear Taoiseach, when appointing an independent ‘expert’ or new commission of investigation, it is imperative that ‘experts’ and members of
Kathleen Funchion- ‘Mother and baby homes were not homes, they were detention centres’.
When welcoming the report, it was obvious that Kathleen Funchion had not read it... Speaking in the Dáil  Éireann debate
Bean na hÉireann - women of Ireland
The Irish nation is particularly prone to believing in historical myths. Falsehoods appear with such frequency in the country’s media
Falsehood #5 Noel Browne’s Mother and Child Scheme
The top five myths of Irish history which Irish People believe #5 The Mother and Child Scheme – Foundation Myth
Irish government elitist snobs attack the struggling classes
In the same week when medics expressed concern about the high consumption of cannabis and its negative health effects on
‘History cannot be a dehumanised, reductive, simplistic or self-serving narrative’
The gross hypocrisy of An Taoiseach Micheál Martin might not be immediately discernible from his the quote below, spoken at
Rubberbandits poke ignorant fun at christianity
Unlike the Rubberbandits, the ancient Greeks has brains and put them to use trying to figure out the world and
The self loathing Irish Council for Civil Liberties
Dear Mr Salvioli, When miscarriages of justice occurred in Ireland, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties was strangely silent. Contrast
blindness of blindboy boatclub and the rubberbandits
Isn't it amazing how Blindboy, who celebrates or at least draws attention to Limerick’s reputation for criminality, gets miffed when