Mother and Baby Home Historical Falsehoods

Mother and Baby Home lie - Tuam was a children's home
The home at Tuam was never called a Mother and Baby Home. Its official name was St. Mary's Children's Home
The TTuam unmarked graves lie
Almost every photo taken of the memorial garden where some children from the Tuam Children's Home are buried show a
Mother and baby homes - the starvation lie
The chief lie upon which the mother and baby scandal relies upon is the claim that babies were starved to
Prof Diarmaid Ferriter - children hiddes as an embarrasment to chatholic ireland
Soon after the Tuam story went global in 2014, University College Dublin's Professor of Modern History, Diarmaid Ferriter, wrote ‘the
Mother and Baby Homes - False History Debunked
It has been called a holocaust, mass murder of babies with tales of abuse by a small but influential cabal