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Articles about false or misleading or prejudice promoting stories which have appeared in the press.

Jennifer Zamparelli self loathing leprechaun.

Jennifer Zamparelli – Irish Self-Loathing

Jennifer Zamparelli has made it her mission to broadcast the flatulence of Irish self-loathing from the basement of the RTÉ radio centre on each weekday morning. 2FM is a popular music station with a previous reputation for good music combined with frivolity. Currently such frivolity is provided by Doireann, Donncha and Carl in the early…

RTE effrontery

Air Crash – More toxic Revisionism from RTÉ

Brains are not only in very short supply at the state broadcaster, it is highly doubtful that they have even two brain cells to rub together between them all. Last night, it aired a documentary on the subject of the crash of on Aer Lingus airliner in 1968, and the mystery that still surrounds its…

Abuse of Amnesty International

The Abuse of Reason

The abuse of Amnesty International in the wake of its report examining the misbehaviour of the Ukrainian military, exposes the ineptitude of the western media to report about war with honestly. Students of military history and history in general are taught to be sceptical of claims and accusations made by all sides of belligerent divide…

Women in the Home – Irish Feminist Lie

Women in the Home – Feminist Lie

Many Irish feminists, particularly those of the crackpot variety, are not very bright and do not possess the ability to read and comprehend plain English or indeed Irish. They have, for decades, been promoting the lie that the Irish constitution stipulates that a woman’s place is in the home. In other words, all women are…

False history Authur Beesley and the Irish Times

Irish Journalism and False History

Arthur Beesley knows little of the history of Ireland and less about the medical history of the nation, but he feels himself qualified to write articles which are not historically accurate but are continually propagated to warm the cockles of every self-loathing leprechaun. Beesley is listed on the Irish Times website as their Current Affairs…

Aktion T4 The Missing Children

Child killers get a belt of a Crosier!

History is always great craic as there are many people who have their own version of it and swear their version is true, despite contraindicatory evidence. I told a story during a recent interview in relation to the false claims made by Catherine Corless and others that children were starved to death by the women…

Truth is the first casualty of war. In war, all armies commit atrocities. Beware of false flag operations.

Truth is the first Casualty of War

Truth is the first casualty of war. In war, all armies commit atrocities. Beware of false flag operations. These are the first three maxims of war upon which impartial investigation and recording of events are built. These maxims appear to be completely unknown to Irish journalists reporting on the war in Ukraine. Accordingly, their reporting…

John Ryan of Broadsheet is Bodger

John Ryan or Bodger a Fakenews Merchant is a guttersnipe website which gives vent to a certain type of Irish prejudices and bias. There is no editorial control and so the contributors are free to express any kind of drivel so long as it supports a particular narrative. Bodger, whose real name is John Ryan, is a fervent believer in anti-Catholic…

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