The Lies of Catherine Corless – Part One

Catherine Corless is an amateur researcher who jumped to many fantastical conclusions due to a lack of knowledge, skillset and education in the area of Irish history. She has falsely alleged that children and mothers were abused at the former Children’s Home in Tuam Co. Galway. From the get-go, she has blundered out one falsehood after another, including renaming the institution the ‘Tuam mother and baby home’. She was recorded on many occasions stating that the home ‘was specifically only for unmarried mothers’. However, the government’s commission of investigation had to restate the truth that ‘it was never exclusively a mother and baby home’. In fact, the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes was set up as a direct result of her allegations, and found that there was no evidential basis for her claims.

Competent historians all knew that the allegations as stated by Mrs Corless were not supported by the historical evidence, but sensationalism attracts an audience ant that earns bucks from advertising. Truth and honest reporting are not core values of most media businesses today, including those once considered broadsheet. The bottom-line is that lies make money, make unimportant people feel important, while the truth, noble as it is, remains trodden under the jackboots of greed and megalomania.

VIDEO – Marasmus was never used by medics of the past as a synonym of starvation. However, in spite of the evidence, Catherine Corless continues to spread this malicious lie because it is the foundation stone for her false allegations that children were starved to death at the Tuam Children’s Home.

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