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Articles about false or misleading or prejudice promoting stories which have appeared in the press.

The big mistakes of Catherine Corless

The Mistakes of Catherine Corless

Catherine Corless has put into the public domain the records of children who died at the Tuam Children’s Home but with significant omissions. Had these relevant details been included it would certainly have removed the potential from the media and others to have added their excitable and incompetent interpretation to state death records. Corless claimed…

The complete idiot's guide to medical statistics

A Spoofer’s Guide to Infant Mortality Statistics

Recent research conducted by the investigative historian Eugene Jordan during 2020 has found that infant mortality rates at the old Rahoon Parish in Galway city, during the 1950s, were extremely high and were multiples of the national infant mortality rate. The parish was known — for almost a century before — to have had higher…

Alternative Mother and Baby Home Report

Alternative Mother and Baby Home Report

Many academics were made to look foolish because the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes rubbished many of the allegations they presented as historical fact. Consequently, and to save face, 25 academics have produced an alternative mother and baby homes report or at least and alternative or reinterpreted executive…

Great Women - The Irish Sisters of Charity

A Debt of Gratitude Owed to Our Great Women

Florence Nightingale wanted to learn her nursing craft from the best nurses in the world, the nuns at St Vincent’s Hospital Dublin. Dubliners have enjoyed world-class healthcare provided by the Sisters of Charity, a remarkable achievement by a group of women, yet Irish feminists excoriate these great women. Nightingale’s famous mission to the Crimea was…

Letter to An Taoiseach the merry go round of investigations

What the MABH Commission got wrong!

Dear Taoiseach, when appointing an independent ‘expert’ or new commission of investigation, it is imperative that ‘experts’ and members of the commission possess the ability to use modern scientific methods of investigation, have a strong commitment to the continuation of the intellectual tradition and use of impartial investigation techniques. All investigations must be set up…