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Articles about false or misleading or prejudice promoting stories which have appeared in the press.

Hart Island burial NY

Irish independent Adding Fuel to the Fire

Coronavirus: Pictures emerge of temporary mass graves in New York as US Covid-19 death toll surpasses 16,500 (Irish independent April 10th 2020) Classic sensationalism from the Irish Independent. Every day people are buried in mass graves on Hart Island in New York. These were once called pauper burials but are now known as public health…

American women protest England's reign of terror in Ireland

Debunked – Historical Misogyny

Una Mullally writing for the Irish Times asks “Out of 697 Dublin mayors, why have only eight been women?” Una did not intend to dispel the false notion of Ireland historically being a misogynistic nation but for those who can peer past the excitable headline, that is exactly what she achieved. Written for women’s day…

Garden-of-Rememberence Statue of the Children of Lir

Little Mistakes Grow into Big False Impressions

Little mistakes that go unchallenged are one of the primary contributors to false history. Here is one which is not easily spotted in the ITV news. There is a little bit of sexism in thrown into this ITV news article which claims that an Irish memorial was dedicated to Irishmen. The memorial is at the…