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Articles about false or misleading or prejudice promoting stories which have appeared in the press.

Critical Thinking Skills Absent at Galway University

Critical Thinking Skills Absent at Galway University

IT IS THE YOUNG WHO BELIEVE US This headline was probably the most significant comment made during a Zoom presentation hosted by An Cumann Staire, the history society of NUI, Galway last evening 11th March 2021. The event featured speeches by four former residents of Irish mother and baby homes who all agreed that it…

Myth of Ireland imprisoning unmarried mothers exposed

The Imprisoned Mothers Myth – Does Truth Matter?

Sinn Féin has suddenly dropped its false claims of deliberate starvation of children and women at Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes but insist that women were imprisoned at such institutions. The notion enjoys the support of at least one feminist historian who puts it more academically, Ireland built ‘a brutal carceral state’ to contain ‘unmarried…

Fergus Finlay's secterian attack on the catholic church.

Fergus Finlay’s – Newest Anti-Catholic Rant

Fergus Finlay tells his readers to believe him on the sole basis that he ‘knows what he is talking about’. It is a warning to all that they cannot rely on evidence, especially evidence which contradicts his pinion. Relying on solely on one’s credentials to lend truth to an argument, is a logical fallacy, its…

Ireland's gullible politicians falling for lies

Political Fantasy – Children Starved to Death

Politicians out to fool the people jumped at the chance to fabricate notions of murderous women, both protestant and catholic who were  killing babies at mother and baby homes.  They took the word marasmus, which appeared as a cause of death on a small number of death certificates as evidence of starvation. It was a…

HIgh infant mortality statistics are not indicators of abuse or murder

High Infant Mortality Rates are not Evidence of Abuse

Infants in 21st century England, who are born to unmarried mothers, are 30% more likely to die than those born to married parents. The Irish think that because infant morality rates were high in mother and baby homes that children were abused and murdered. Why are the English not accusing their unmarried mothers of abuse…

homsexual abuse and cancel culture

Abuse to Hide Abuse

Most sexual abuse of females is heterosexual in nature. Does that mean that there is a link between heterosexuality and abuse? Of course not. Most sexual abuse of males is homosexual in nature. Does that mean that homosexuality is the cause of abuse? Such a claim would be as daft as the extreme feminist assertion…

sanctimonious university professor and irish pseudohistory

Sanctimonious University Professor and Pseudo-history

Professor Chris Fitzpatrick’s article in the Irish Times published 13th October 2020 is chiefly remarkable, not so much for its all too common unbalanced interpretation historical events, but for his illusory superiority. Fitzpatrick declares that ‘in the annals of medical history, it’s rare to come across a medical student who sets out to kill another…

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