Were children murdered in mother and baby homes?

No. Babies continued to be murdered by their mother or her family while the mother and baby homes were open. Several mothers were convicted of infanticide and were sentenced to death (all of them commuted). If we ask what benefit would accrue to the women managing the homes, the whole sordid story is revealed as one big conspiracy theory. No only was there no benefit, there were many deterrents and unacceptable risks. First, even though the Irish legal system and juries were extremely forgiving of women, especially mothers who committed infanticide, they were less forgiving of others. Second, if a death sentence was not a deterrent, then religious women risked offending God and excommunication from the church. A sanction which would have the effect of ruining their entire life’s work. Third, all deaths were certified in accordance with the law and a coroner’s inquest held when deaths occurred that were unexpected or unexplained. Fourth, all the infants and children died of diseases which were rampant and killed many more legitimate children. Fifth, no mass murder in history issued death certificates to its victims.

The Real Baby Killers EXPOSED

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