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blindness of blindboy boatclub and the rubberbandits

The Rubberbandits and Blind Wet Fartage!

Isn’t it amazing how Blindboy, who celebrates or at least draws attention to Limerick’s reputation for criminality, gets miffed when Forbes believes the Rubberbandits! Blind indeed. The Rubberbandits made their name through lampooning Limerick’s criminal classes using a plastic shopping bag for facial disguise instead of the customary lady’s nylon tights. The net effect is…

Stephen McBride - Irish self loathing

Irish Self Loathing

More bloat has been added to the already distended corpus of Irish literature dedicated to Irish self-loathing. It is a genre of racist literature mostly written by Irish people and the latest expression to come to international attention was written by an Irishman, Stephen McBride. The American Forbes business magazine has pulled the article after…

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