Bean na hÉireann - women of Ireland

The Irish nation is particularly prone to believing in historical myths. Falsehoods appear with such frequency in the country’s media and are never subjected to critical analysis that the stand as evidence of the nation’s cultural biases. Historical fallacies are mainly a product of political interference in the education curriculum, where important evidence has been omitted. Are you curious to see what happens to your opinion when these facts are returned?


Top 5 Most Untrue "Facts" Everyone Believes About Irish History

Myth #5 Noel Browne’s Mother and Child Scheme

The top five myths of Irish history which Irish People believe #5 The Mother and Child Scheme – Foundation Myth of Irish Atheism The failure of the infamous Mother and Child Scheme was entirely the fault of Dr Noel Browne, it was not his scheme, nor did the government fall...
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