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Abuse of Amnesty International

The Abuse of Reason

The abuse of Amnesty International in the wake of its report examining the misbehaviour of the Ukrainian military, exposes the ineptitude of the western media to report about war with honestly. Students of military history and history in general are taught to be sceptical of claims and accusations made by all sides of belligerent divide…

Women in the Home – Irish Feminist Lie

Women in the Home – Feminist Lie

Many Irish feminists, particularly those of the crackpot variety, are not very bright and do not possess the ability to read and comprehend plain English or indeed Irish. They have, for decades, been promoting the lie that the Irish constitution stipulates that a woman’s place is in the home. In other words, all women are…

Leo Varadkar & His Verifiable Lies

Leo Varadkar & His Lies

Leo’s Varadkar’s apology following the publication of the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes proved once and for all that even those who are qualified as a medical doctor can be quite unintelligent. It would appear that Varadkar never bothered reading the final report, choosing instead to repeat the…

Cost of mother and baby homes compensation scheme will exceed €1bn

Cost of mother and baby homes compensation scheme will exceed €1bn

Irish taxpayers are being forced to pay massive a compensation bill — costing each worker an average of €355 — for supposed historic abuse that never happened. Government officials estimate that the compensation scheme will have a final cost €800 million. However, these are probably the same people who estimated that the Ryan Commission would…

The big mistakes of Catherine Corless

The Mistakes of Catherine Corless

Catherine Corless has put into the public domain the records of children who died at the Tuam Children’s Home but with significant omissions. Had these relevant details been included it would certainly have removed the potential from the media and others to have added their excitable and incompetent interpretation to state death records. Corless claimed…

Alternative Mother and Baby Home Report

Alternative Mother and Baby Home Report

Many academics were made to look foolish because the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes rubbished many of the allegations they presented as historical fact. Consequently, and to save face, 25 academics have produced an alternative mother and baby homes report or at least and alternative or reinterpreted executive…

Kathleen Funchion- ‘Mother and baby homes were not homes, they were detention centres’.

Bias and Prejudice Unbridled on Children’s Committee

When welcoming the report, it was obvious that Kathleen Funchion had not read it… Speaking in the Dáil  Éireann debate on the 13th of January, the day following the public release of the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes, Kathleen Funchion (Sinn Féin), Chair of the Joint Oireachtas Committee…

blindness of blindboy boatclub and the rubberbandits

The Rubberbandits and Blind Wet Fartage!

Isn’t it amazing how Blindboy, who celebrates or at least draws attention to Limerick’s reputation for criminality, gets miffed when Forbes believes the Rubberbandits! Blind indeed. The Rubberbandits made their name through lampooning Limerick’s criminal classes using a plastic shopping bag for facial disguise instead of the customary lady’s nylon tights. The net effect is…

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