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The mound of hysterical articles on Irish Mother and Baby Homes/

The TTuam unmarked graves lie

The Unmarked Grave Site Lie

Almost every photo taken of the memorial garden where some children from the Tuam Children’s Home are buried show a gate with a Christian cross marking the site our as a cemetery. A second gate bears a cross also and in the corner is a Catholic Marian shrine. These were in place long before the…

Mother and baby homes - the starvation lie

The Starvation Lie

The chief lie upon which the mother and baby scandal relies upon is the claim that babies were starved to death. This relies on a small number of death certificates which record the cause of death as due to ‘marasmus‘. Marasmus is a type of malnutrition that is mostly caused by disease or birth defects.…

Prof Diarmaid Ferriter - children hiddes as an embarrasment to chatholic ireland

Getting rid of an Embarrassment to Catholic Ireland!

Soon after the Tuam story went global in 2014, University College Dublin’s Professor of Modern History, Diarmaid Ferriter, wrote ‘the State and Church colluded to get rid of an embarrassment to Catholic Ireland’. Irish Independent, 6 June 2014. For Ferriter, it was only Catholic Ireland that was disposing of its embarrassment but for years before…

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