Ignorant Sligo County Councillor inducted into the Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame – Sligo Co Councillor Gino O’Boyle

Gino O’Boyle’s motion was accepted at the May 2023 meeting of Sligo Co Council that called on the ‘international pharmaceutical company GSK to pay for medical experiments conducted without consent in Mother and Baby Homes’.

No medical experiments were carried out at mother and baby homes. There is a big difference between a clinical trial and a medical experiment. Either Gino is completely ignorant of the difference, or he might even be able to distinguish between the two. If the latter is the case, and judging by the amount of publicity he has received, it looks like another case of self-promotion using sexed up political lies. The truth seldom gets into newsprint these days, and repeating it certainly won’t make a name for any aspiring gobshite politician. However, I am more inclined to believe that plain old ignorance rather than Machiavellianism is behind his motivations.

Illegal clinical trials were conducted in a small number of mother and baby homes during the 1960s and 70s. However, the responsibility for the illegality lies squarely between two Dublin Universities. UCD & TCD. Several of their staff members conducted the trials without the knowledge or permission of the management of the homes in question.

Gino O’Boyle clearly has not read the final report of the commission of investigation into mother and baby homes. An ability to understand plain English along with a small understanding of medical matters would perhaps banish such ignorance, but pure ignorance is the foundation of many a political career. Accordingly, O’Boyle would seem to have laid foundations of such little substance that he will be able to float to the top of the Irish political toilet bowl.

For more background surrounding this issue, see this article…


Dublin Universities Involved in Illegal Clinical Trials on Children

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