Patrick Christys - half Irish, half educated, full union jackass

Patrick Christys – Half Irish, half educated, full union jackass

Bias and jingoistic bias is to be expected from the GB News channel, but racism is never acceptable. Patrick Christys’ anti-Irish comments calling the country a disgrace, singling out Ireland’s neutrality during WWII as a prime example, but it is also typical of British ignorance. Only a week or two before, another GB News presenter, also with Irish heritage, Mark Dolan, once again blew hard on Britania’s flute, ranting out the usual falsehoods about how great the British Empire once was, ignoring the death and the destruction it caused to millions of lives. He would never mention the brutality and oppression that ultimately caused many countries to fight wars of independence to get rid of British rule. Even the United Kingdom itself was broken apart after centuries of misrule, racism, and incompetence.

Patrick Christys’ Irish mother never explained to her son how the United Kingdom government attacked Ireland and its people during WWII, using hunger as its primary weapon. If the Irish government, in response, returned the favour and adopted a similar obstinate, coercive, and obstructive approach to Britain’s war effort, it would have been the most British thing it could have ever done. In stark contrast, the Irish government supported Britain’s war effort or, it was neutral but on the side of Britain. Unlike Spain, which was neutral on the side of Germany. Moreover, Spain is never attacked by British jingoes for its stance in WWII.

Christys made the comment while discussing the decision of the Irish government to bring a case against the British government to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over its recently introduced amnesty law. The law deals with the legacy of the Northern Ireland Troubles, with the primary purpose to protect serving and former British soldiers, accused of crimes, from investigation, together with both criminal and civil legal actions. To achieve this end, they also had to give the same amnesty to all former combatants. Many families of the victims are distressed to learn that the murderers will never be held to account for the loss inflicted upon them. Consequently, and at the request of many of these families, the Irish government decided to act.

It comes at the same time as the British government is considering withdrawing or revoking the authority of the European Court of Human Rights over its failed migration policies.

The reality is that the British state stumbles for failure to fiasco but uses Grotesque Bullshit (GB) to hide the reality from its people. Brexit has been a disaster, but no one is allowed to mention the word in that context. Remember the Brexit Bus? It screamed, “We send the EU £350 million a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead”. Just, minutes before the start of Christys’ programme, the newsreader announced that the Welsh devolved government was to cut back on services and increasing taxes to fund its part of the National Health Service. Scotland is also to increase taxes for the same reason.

The £350 million slogan was a lie, typical Grotesque Bullshit (GB) designed to hoodwink people. It worked alongside blaming Europe and the Germans for decades of continuing British governmental failures.The Brexit bus lie about spending £350 million a week on the NHS

In 2019, BBC news reported that the top five poorest regions in Europe were all in Britain. There is no other developed country that has so many people reliant on food banks to survive. The reality is that the country has become impoverished, and it is getting worse.

Britain is a wealthy country, but all the wealth is in the hands of the well off. Ten percent of the population of Britain (not the UK) own nearly half of all the country’s wealth, while one percent owns a quarter of the wealth. Consequently, the big picture statistics are skewed when all this wealth is divided up into overall per capita wealth. One has to look a bit harder to find that Britain has an astonishing 14.4 million people living in poverty. By any measure, that is failure.

Blaming the Irish, the Germans, the Jews, the French and the migrants for British failure is typical GB. Ultimately, however, it is the ordinary people in Britain who bear the brunt of governmental failure.

It would appear that the main aim of GB News is to keep people happy in their poverty. They create a false sense of superiority that in turn gives them the right to sneer at other nations.

Before Dan Wooton got the bullet from the Tonight show, he chose two people for awards each night. One for The Greatest Briton, the other its opposite, The Union Jackass. Christys has continued this tradition, but I assume that he cannot nominate himself.

The award for Union Jackass of the year goes to….

GB News was never intended to be an impartial news delivery outfit. It has a nationalist agenda and never misses an opportunity to pursue that agenda using the full toolbox of lies, lying by omission, half-truths, sensationalism, demagoguery and more. However, it has found an important niche, as it is not afraid to level much warranted criticism at other news outfits like the BBC. Its news service is truthful at times but also biased and tainted with Ghastly Bullshit and has become woke. GB News is more honest as it wears its bullshit on its sleeve.


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