HIgh infant mortality statistics are not indicators of abuse or murder

High Infant Mortality Rates are not Evidence of Abuse

Infants in 21st century England, who are born to unmarried mothers, are 30% more likely to die than those born to married parents. The Irish think that because infant morality rates were high in mother and baby homes that children were abused and murdered. Why are the English not accusing their unmarried mothers of abuse…

Baby Killers Infanticide in Ireland

The Real Baby Killers EXPOSED

Who was killing the illegitimate children of Ireland, the women running protestant and catholic mother and baby homes or the mothers of illegitimate children? Some Irish newspapers have stated emphatically that children were starved to death in mother and baby homes for the simple reason that the women in charge of these homes hated illegitimate…

homsexual abuse and cancel culture

Abuse to Hide Abuse

Most sexual abuse of females is heterosexual in nature. Does that mean that there is a link between heterosexuality and abuse? Of course not. Most sexual abuse of males is homosexual in nature. Does that mean that homosexuality is the cause of abuse? Such a claim would be as daft as the extreme feminist assertion…

sanctimonious university professor and irish pseudohistory

Sanctimonious University Professor and Pseudo-history

Professor Chris Fitzpatrick’s article in the Irish Times published 13th October 2020 is chiefly remarkable, not so much for its all too common unbalanced interpretation historical events, but for his illusory superiority. Fitzpatrick declares that ‘in the annals of medical history, it’s rare to come across a medical student who sets out to kill another…

mother and baby homes hides its evidence

Commission Cover-up

The Commission of investigation set up to investigate the claims surrounding mother and baby homes has moved to cover-up all the evidence put before it, locking it away for 30 years. This will prevent historians and interested parties from checking out the basis for the claims it is about to make in its final report.…

Irish Mother and Baby Home Scandal History Conference

History Seminar 4th October 2020

All is set to go for Sunday’s  history seminar with particular reference to the Tuam Children’s Home. The event is subject to COVID restrictions and the number of attendees will be limited, be early. Sunday 4th of October, Harbour Hotel, New Docks, Galway 2:30 to 4:30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

Mad Irish Feminists in the age of unreason

Mad Irish Feminists going off Half-Cocked over Tampon Ad Ban.

The loonie fringe of Irish Feminism Róisín Ingle went off half-cocked recently in her article published in the Irish Times with the screaming headline ‘I’m menstruating as I write this. And I’m mad as all bloody hell’. What was the cause of her madness? The decision by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) to…

When dissenting voices are kept silent by abuse and thuggery, alarm bells roar loudly

The Enforced Silence of the Dissenters

Historians Silence on False History The Tuam Children’s Home or to give it its full title, St. Mary’s Home, Tuam was not exclusively a mother and baby home. It functioned as a refuge for mothers and their children and abandoned and unwanted children which included disabled children. It is called a mother and baby home…

False History - there were no Irish slaves

The War on Irish history – Irish Slavery

In recent years, the Irish nation has been at war with its own history, due mainly to the inevitable pendulum swing away from post-independence nationalism, back towards colonial perspectives, and a plethora of Irish cultural biases. One of the exemplar battles fought in this war was/is the issue of Irish slavery. It has long been…

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